Teaching plan for the course unit

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General information


Course unit name: Statistical Methods for Data Mining

Course unit code: 361253

Academic year: 2021-2022


Department: Faculty of Economics and Business

Credits: 6

Single program: S



Estimated learning time

Total number of hours 150


Face-to-face and/or online activities



-  Lecture with practical component

Face-to-face and online




-  IT-based class

Face-to-face and online



Supervised project


Independent learning




Learning objectives


Referring to knowledge

— Know how to classify the main data mining problems.


Referring to abilities, skills

— Evaluate data quality and the need to pre-process them.

— Identify the most appropriate statistical and/or machine learning techniques for the problem being addressed.

— Implement simple learning algorithms.

— Evaluate the results obtained.

— Present the results in a professional environment for the basis of subsequent decision- making.



Teaching blocks


1. Introduction to data mining

*  Types of problem: modeling issues, science issues, transaction issues, and marketing issues

2. Data visualization

*  Multivariate data visualization. Reduction of dimensionality. Methods of variable selection and extraction

3. Clustering

*  Methods of direct and hierarchical partitioning and mathematical statistics

4. Decision trees

*  Classification and regression trees (CART)

5. Association rules

*  A priori algorithms

6. Classification rules. Parametric discriminant analysis

*  LDA, QDA i Naive Bayes

7. Flexible methods of discrimination

*  Support-vector machines

8. Neural networks

*  Discrimination by multilayer perceptrons





Reading and study resources

Consulteu la disponibilitat a CERCABIB


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