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General information


Course unit name: Social Security Law I

Course unit code: 362581

Academic year: 2021-2022

Coordinator: Maria Patricia De Cossio Rodriguez

Department: Department of Private Law

Credits: 6

Single program: S



Estimated learning time

Total number of hours 150


Face-to-face and/or online activities



-  Lecture with practical component

Face-to-face and online



Supervised project


Independent learning




Learning objectives


Referring to knowledge

— Describe the most important aspects of the social security system using its legal and technical language.

— Understand the Spanish social security system as a branch of social policy in three different contexts:

  • the Spanish system in comparison to the social welfare models of neighbouring countries;
  • the Spanish system as an example of evolving social policy considered from a historic perspective;
  • the Spanish system in the context of the Spanish Constitution, focusing on its legal nature and the challenges it faces, its demographics, system of finance and society’s different views of the role that should be played by the welfare state.

— Describe the duties and responsibilities that employers are legally bound to assume in the provision of social security to their employees, including employees’ social security affiliation and the payment of benefits; the legislation governing social security benefits, especially in the ambit of European Union labour law; the identification of professional contingencies and general principles regarding benefits.


Referring to abilities, skills

— Describe the history and ongoing development of social security law, focusing on the current developments in legislation.

— Acquire an overview of social security law and of legislation in different ambits.

— Be familiar with the institutions of the social security system and its legal and technical language.

— Offer effective and clearly formulated solutions for work-related disputes.

— Demonstrate independent learning skills and the ability to adapt to new situations.

— Acquire discursive skills in speaking and writing and use sources of legislation and caselaw effectively.



Teaching blocks


1. Concept of the Spanish social security system and its growth and development from a historic perspective

*  1.1 Concept of the Spanish social security system

1.1.1 Concept

1.1.2 Characteristics; risks and contingencies protected against

1.1.3 Social protection schemes: private coverage, public coverage, mutual aid, private insurance

1.1.4 The relationship between social security law and labour law

1.2 The origins of the Spanish social security system and its growth and development from a historic perspective

1.2.1 Comparing systems and models
— Otto von Bismarck and the beginnings of Germany’s state social insurance scheme
— The Beveridge Report and the founding of Britain’s modern welfare state
— The US Social Security Act
— New Zealand

1.2.2 The first international initiatives: the International Labour Organization

1.2.3 The development of the Spanish system
— Origins
— The beginnings of social insurance
— The Social Security Bases Act of 1963 and the General Social Security Act of 1966
— Social reform between 1966 and 1978
— Reform after the Constitution of 1978 to the present day

Recommended reading:

Monereo Pérez, J. L., "Los orígenes de la Seguridad Social en España", ed. Comares, 2007.

2. The legal framework of the social security system

*  2.1 Sources of law

2.1.1 International sources
— Conventional regulation; the constitution of the International Labour Organization and other documents: international and European declarations and agreements
— European Union labour law

2.1.2 National sources
— The Spanish Constitution of 1978
— Legally-binding norms
— Regulations
— The autonomous communities
— Other sources

Recommended reading:

Desdentado Daroca, E.: "Seguridad Social: una introducció práctica", ed. Bomarzo, 2009.

3. Persons covered by the social security system and coverage structure

*  3.1 Scope of application and persons covered

3.1.1 System structure; contributory and non-contributory levels of coverage

3.1.2  Persons who pay contributions
— Types of worker entitled to coverage under the General Social Security Scheme (Régimen General de la Seguridad Social, RGSS) of the General Social Security Act (Ley General de la Seguridad Social) (e.g., wage and salaried nationals and foreign residents, civil servants)
— Types of worker entitled to coverage under special schemes (e.g., farm workers, maritime workers, self-employed workers, students)
— Types of workers classified in special systems (e.g., domestic workers)

3.1.3 Persons who do not pay contributions

Recommended reading:
— Gala Vallejo, C.: "Los sistemas especiales en la Seguridad Social. Ministerio de Trabajo y Asuntos Sociales", Madrid, 2006.
— Rodríguez Cardo, Iván A.: "Ámbito subjetivo del Sistema español de Seguridad Social", ed. Aranzadi.

4. Administration and management of the social security system

*  4.1 Administration and management

4.1.1 Principles and basic structure

4.1.2 Managing bodies (National Institute of Social Security, INSS; National Institute for Healthcare Management, INGESA; Institute for the Elderly and Social Services, IMSERSO; Catalan Institute of Health, ICS; Catalan Institute of Social Services and Assistance, ICASS), services provided to all the managing bodies (General Treasury of the Social Security, TGSS; Office for Information Technology Management of the Social Security, GISS) and finally independent bodies with specific powers in social security and in other ambits (Public State Employment Service, SEPE; National Institute for Workplace Safety and Health, INSST; Social Institute for Maritime Workers; ISM)

4.1.3 Participating bodies
— Mutual healthcare providers
— Business organisations (including voluntary and compulsory collaboration)

Recommended reading:
— Villar Cañada, I. M.: "Público y privado en la gestión de la Seguridad Social en España, dimensión jurídica", ed. Comare, Granada, 2008.
— López Gandía, J.: "Las Mutuas y la gestión de la Seguridad Social", ed. Bomarzo, Albacete, 2005.

5. Social security affiliation procedures

*  5.1 Affiliation procedures
5.1.1 The constitution of the citizen’s legal relationship with the Spanish social security system

5.1.2 Entering the social security system
— Registration of employers and business organisations
— Enrolment of workers
— Entry of an employee on the social security rolls; situations in which workers are considered as contributing to the system (in order to qualify for benefits); special agreements
— Deletion of an employee from the social security rolls
— Employees under special schemes

5.1.3 Consequences of non-compliance with the terms of affiliation

Recommended reading:
— López y López, I.: "Pràctica de salarios y cotizaciones", Centro de Estudios Financieros, Madrid, 2008.

6. Social security financing schemes: the payment of contributions and the collection of payments

*  6.1 Financing and contributions

6.1.1 Financing
— Purpose and means
— Funded and pay-as-you-go schemes
— General resources

— The gender perspective; main expenses: pension schemes after the death of a spouse

6.1.2 The payment of contributions
— The requirement to pay contributions: nature and duration in time
— The employee’s and employer’s obligation to pay contributions and the employer’s responsibility to ensure the obligation is met
— Obligations
— Base pay used to calculate social security contributions
— Contribution rates
— Reductions and subsidies
— Special considerations and circumstances: special considerations (part-time and training contracts); special circumstances (temporary incapacity for work, maternity, paternity and child care, risk during pregnancy and unemployment); types of worker under the General Social Security Scheme (e.g., wage and salaried nationals and foreign residents) (specific norms); and workers under special schemes (e.g., farm workers, maritime workers, the self-employed)

6.1.3 The collection of contributions: procedure and calendar

Recommended reading:
— Benavides Vico, A.: "Análisis práctico de la cotización a la Seguridad Social", ed. Lex Nova, Valladolid, 2009.
— Ferrer López, M.A.: "Cómo confeccionar nóminas y seguros sociales", ed. Deusto, Barcelona, 2009.
— Different authors: "Manual de Cotització de la Seguretat Social", Tesorería General de la Seguridad Social (General Treasury of the Social Security, TGSS), current edition.

7. Risks covered

*  7.1 Risks covered

7.1.1 The distinction between occupational and non-occupational risks

7.1.2 Accidents at work
— Definition and types
— Eventualities covered
— Results of accidents

7.1.3 Work-related illnesses: concept and effects

7.1.4 Accidents or illnesses unrelated to work

Recommended reading:
— Ballester Pastor, M. Amparo: "Significado actual del accidente de trabajo In itinere. Paradojas y perspectivas", ed. Bomarzo, Albacete, 2007.
— Cavas Martínez, F.: "La cobertura de las contingencias profesionales en el sistema español de la Seguridad Social", ed. Aranzadi, Pamplona, 2006.
— Fernández Avilés, José Antonio: "El accidente de trabajo en el sistema de Seguridad Social", ed. Atelier, Barcelona, 2007.
— Monereo Pérez, J.L., et al: "Las contingencias comunes protegidas por la Seguridad Social. Estudio de su régimen jurídico", Comares, 2008.
— Tascón López, R.: "El accidente de trabajo en misión", ed. Tirant lo Blanch, 2010.

8. General rules regarding social security coverage mechanisms

*  8.1 Legal framework of social security coverage

8.1.1 Grounds for coverage
— Triggering events and situations of social need
— General requirements; calculation of contributions paid under different schemes

8.1.2 Benefits
— Types and features; contributory and non-contributory levels of coverage
— Legal framework; incompatible benefits, prescriptive periods and termination of benefits
— How benefits are guaranteed

8.1.3 Vesting, development and termination of coverage

8.1.4 The legal framework regulating benefits
— Responsibilities of beneficiaries
— Responsibilities of the managing bodies
— Responsibilities of employers; the principle of guaranteed coverage; extension of responsibilities and parties sharing responsibility

8.1.5 The social security system and complementary schemes

Recommended reading:
— Tarancón Pérez, E. and Romero Rodenas, M. J.: "Prestaciones del Régimen General de la Seguridad Social tras las reformas de 2007", ed. Altaban, Albacete, 2008.





Reading and study resources

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