Teaching plan for the course unit

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General information


Course unit name: Legal Regime of Civil Service Employment

Course unit code: 362587

Academic year: 2021-2022

Coordinator: Juan Jose Mauri Majos

Department: Department of Administrative Law, Procedural Law and Financial and Tax Law

Credits: 6

Single program: S



Estimated learning time

Total number of hours 150


Face-to-face and/or online activities



-  Lecture with practical component

Face-to-face and online



Supervised project


Independent learning




Learning objectives


Referring to knowledge

— Be familiar with the Spanish system of employment in the public sector.

— Understand the professional structure of public employment and the legal instruments used to organise it.

— Manage the various legal procedures by which citizens obtain employment in the public sector and pursue public sector careers.



Teaching blocks


1. The constitutional principles of public employment

2. Professional structure and the legal instruments used to organise employees

3. Entering public service and public sector careers





Reading and study resources

Consulteu la disponibilitat a CERCABIB


Sánchez Morón, Miguel. Derecho de la función pública. 13 ª edición. Madrid, Tecnos, 2020.

Palomar Olmeda, A. Derecho de la Función Pública. 12ª edición, Madrid, Dykinson, 2020.

Roqueta Buj, Remedios. Derecho del empleo público. 1ª Edición. Valencia, Tirant lo blanch, 2020