Teaching plan for the course unit

(Short version)


Catalą English Close imatge de maquetació




General information


Course unit name: Institutional or Company Placement

Course unit code: 362640

Academic year: 2021-2022

Coordinator: Patricia Mesanza Costa

Department: Governing bodies

Credits: 12

Single program: S



Estimated learning time

Total number of hours 300


Face-to-face and/or online activities



-  Placement






Learning objectives


Referring to knowledge

Placements are training activities that students complete under the supervision of the Faculty of Law. These placements complete and enhance the student’s learning experience by offering them the opportunity to put theory into practice by gaining everyday professional experience in the world of labour relations in companies and law firms, both in legal affairs and people management, hereby consolidating the skills they acquired during the degree and preparing themselves for real professional practice.


Referring to abilities, skills

— Reflect on the practical application of the principles studied during the degree and put principles into practice in the everyday tasks performed in the legal departments of public and private institutions.

— Retrieve information from different media, evaluate its importance and use it to perform everyday tasks and solve the problems accompanying these.

— Acquire communication skills in speaking and writing in Catalan and Spanish and master the use of specialist legal language.


Referring to attitudes, values and norms

— Demonstrate learning-to-learn skills and manage one’s development in the everyday practice of a legal profession involving coordinating and managing other people.

— Demonstrate teamwork skills and know how to work with others in common projects.

— Demonstrate responsible attitudes to the everyday requirements of the world of work, including punctuality, the completion of tasks assigned and the achievement of work objectives.

— Understand the everyday application of constitutional values and principles in legal activity and be able to value the results at a personal level.

— Gain empathy with professional colleagues in the course of the placement, thus developing the interpersonal skills and abilities that lawyers need to facilitate their work with the general public and other professionals and institutions.



Teaching blocks


1. Preparing to do the placement

*  The student chooses a public or private institution from the catalogue provided by the Faculty.

2. Completing the placement

*  The student completes the placement in accordance with the learning agreement.
Each student will be supervised by an academic tutor from the University and one of the people working at the agency, who will monitor the student’s progress.

3. Writing the placement report

*  The student uses the template offered by the Faculty, supplemented by the various documents gained during the subject, to write a placement report.