Teaching plan for the course unit



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General information


Course unit name: Final Project

Course unit code: 568177

Academic year: 2021-2022

Coordinator: Xavier Jarque Ribera

Department: Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Credits: 15

Single program: S

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Estimated learning time

Total number of hours 375


Supervised project


Independent learning




Competences to be gained during study


BC6. Knowledge forming the basis of original thinking in the development and/or application of ideas, typically in a research context.


BC7. Capacity to apply the acquired knowledge to problem-solving in new or relatively unknown environments within broader (or multidisciplinary) contexts related to the field of mathematics.


BC8. Capacity to integrate knowledge and tackle the complexity of formulating judgements based on incomplete or limited information, taking due consideration of the social and ethical responsibilities involved in applying mathematics.


BC9. Capacity to communicate conclusions, judgements and the grounds on which they have been reached to specialist and non-specialist audiences in a clear and unambiguous manner.


BC10. Skills to enable lifelong self-directed and independent learning.


GC1. Ability to apply knowledge and skills to the planning within available time and resources. 


GC2. Ability to use specialist bibliographic databases by means of new technologies. 


GC3. Ability to gather and synthesize all information required to approach a problem.


SC3. Ability to apply the acquired results and techniques to the resolution of complex problems in any mathematical field in an academic or professional environment.


SC4. Capacity to create and develop logical-mathematical reasoning and to identify errors in incorrect reasoning.


CE6. Capacity to present and verify propositions in any mathematical field, and to transmit mathematical knowledge orally and in written form.


SC7. Capacity to independently understand research or innovation articles in any of the fields of mathematics. 





Learning objectives


Referring to abilities, skills

The Master Final Project consists of independent and individual research or innovation work agreed with a lecturer of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, to be worked under his/her supervision.

The aim of this project is to show that the student has acquired an integrated knowledge and the skills required to obtain the Master’s degree in Advanced Mathematics.




Teaching blocks




Teaching methods and general organization


By mid-end February students should have decided the advisor for the Final Master project as well as a concrete area of work. The basic steps of the project would be as follows.

— Preparation of a project

— Information research

— Implementation of activities

— Written report

— Oral exposition: In case of exceptional periods due to confinement defenses will be online using the UB facilities. 



Official assessment of learning outcomes



Examination-based assessment

The evaluation will be done on written and oral presentation of a research or innovation work agreed with and supervised by a lecturer of the Faculty of Mathematics.


An academic Committee  will evaluate the performance of the student taking into account at least the following:


— Basic quality of the project

— Report of the supervisor

— Originality in content or approach

— Quality of the oral presentation

— Candidate’s ability to answer appropriately the questions from the committee

— Quality of the written report

In any case, the implementation and evaluation of the Final Master Project will be subject to the regulations of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, available on the website of the Master’s Program.