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Nom de l'assignatura: Bases Moleculars i Investigaciˇ en Neurobiologia

Codi de l'assignatura: 569893

Curs acadŔmic: 2021-2022

Coordinaciˇ: Ana Mendez Zunzunegui

Departament: Facultat de Medicina

crŔdits: 3

Programa ˙nic: S



Consideracions prŔvies


Revisions específiques de les revistes Nature Review Neuroscience, Current Opinion Neurobiology i Trends in Neuroscience.



Hores estimades de dedicaciˇ

Hores totals 75


Activitats presencials i/o no presencials



-  Teoria

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(Classes impartides per experts en cada tema.)


-  PrÓctiques orals comunicatives

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(Sessions d?exposiciˇ dels treballs.)

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Aprenentatge aut˛nom




CompetŔncies que es desenvolupen


— Knowledge of the state-of-the-art in research on the molecular basis of the most common neurodegenerative and psyquiatric diseases.

— Awareness of the gaps of knowledge and current open questions on the most common neurodegenerative and psychiatric diseases.

— Hear about the frontier conceptual and methodological strategies undertaken to characterize and treat these disorders.

— Develop the capacity to conceptualize a research project.





Objectius d'aprenentatge


Referits a coneixements

— Learn about the structural, molecular and cellular mechanisms that govern our nervous system.

— Know the main structural and functional characteristics of neural cells, individually and in a system´s context.

— Familiarize with the molecular and cellular basis of the most common neurological and psychiatric diseases.

— Exposure to the state-of-the-art, knowns and unknowns and current open questions on the physiopathology of neurologic and psychiatric diseases and the forefront lines of research aimed at their understanding and treatment.

— Familiarize with current/frontier biomedical research in neurological and psychiatric diseases.

— Acquire useful knowledge to specialize in biomedical research and professional activities related to pathologies of the nervous system.



Blocs temÓtics


1. Fundamental concepts

*  - Revision of the anatomy of the nervous system.

- Neural cells: neurons and glia.

- Transmission of information in the NS: electrophysiology.

- Transmission of information in the NS: neurotransmitters.

- Development of the NS: Plasticity, trophic factors.

1.1. Fundaments

2. Neurology: common neurodegenerative diseases

*  Neurological diseases:

*  Huntington´s disease

*  Motoneuron disorders: ALS

*  Alzheimer´s disease

*  Parkinson´s disease

*  Sensory diseases: blindness/deafness/loss of equilibrium

*  Prionic diseases

3. Behaviour and psychiatric disorders

*  *  Neuroimaging tools in the cognitive process

*  Mapping brain networks with neuroimaging tools

*  Obsessive compulsive disorders

*  Eating disorders

*  Sleeping disorders



Metodologia i activitats formatives


— 26 lectures of 50 minutes imparted by specialists in each field.

— Team work on the presentation/defense of a research line of work (revision of a collection of advanced/frontier research articles) in a neuropathological disorder not covered by the lectures.

— Debate Forum on moodle.



Avaluaciˇ acreditativa dels aprenentatges


Grading will be based on the following criteria:

— Attendance (10 %).

— Team work on the presentation and defense of research article/s (40 %).

— Exam (50 %).


Avaluaciˇ ˙nica

- Grading exclusively based on an exam.