Teaching plan for the course unit

(Short version)


Catalą Castellano English Close imatge de maquetació




General information


Course unit name: Institutional or Company Placement

Course unit code: 362764

Academic year: 2021-2022

Coordinator: Ana Maria Sanz Leon

Department: Department of Political Science, Constitutional Law and Philosophy of Law

Credits: 6

Single program: S



Estimated learning time

Total number of hours 150


Face-to-face and/or online activities



-  Placement

Face-to-face and online





Learning objectives


Referring to knowledge

— Complement the knowledge gained in lectures with hands-on learning in a placement in a public or private political institution or organisation.


Referring to abilities, skills

— Use the professional context to reflect on the theory studied and apply this to the performance of everyday tasks in a public or private institution.

— Retrieve data in different media and analyse and use it in everyday tasks involving problem-solving of different kinds.

— Demonstrate the Catalan and Spanish language skills needed to work professionally, with a focus on the specialist language required in the field of political science.


Referring to attitudes, values and norms

— Reflect on and redirect personal development in the professional field.

— Use teamwork skills to contribute to projects shared with other professionals.

— Demonstrate a responsible attitude towards working timetables and working habits, completing assignments and achieving work objectives.

— Apply democratic values and principles in professional activities in the discipline of political science and appreciate their application by others.

— Show empathy and other interpersonal skills when attending to the general public during the placement.

— Contribute to creating equality between men and women.



Teaching blocks


1. Obtaining the placement

*  Each student chooses the organisation or institution in which they wish to complete the placement from the catalogue offered by the Faculty. (The conditions of the placement are determined by specific learning agreements.) If a student wishes to complete their placement in an institution that is not listed in the catalogue, they should contact the Head of Studies or Placement Coordinator.

This stage is completed using the UB’s GIPE app (Gestió Integral de Prąctiques Externes).

2. Completing the placement

*  During the completion of the placement the student has the support of both their UB tutor and a tutor in the organisation or institution where they are training.

Students also attend individual tutorials designed to discuss specific aspects of their placement, and group meetings where common areas of the placement are addressed.

3. Writing the report

*  Using the report template provided by the Faculty, the student writes a final report describing their experience of the placement. The conditions for submitting the report are decided by the coordinator.