Teaching plan for the course unit



Catalą English Close imatge de maquetació




General information


Course unit name: Institutional or Company Placement

Course unit code: 363387

Academic year: 2021-2022

Coordinator: Esther Blasco Mateo

Department: Department of Modern Languages, Modern Literature and English Studies

Credits: 6

Single program: S



Prior considerations


This subject demands 180 hours of student work.



Estimated learning time

Total number of hours 180


Face-to-face and/or online activities



-  Placement






Competences to be gained during study



Capacity for learning and responsibility (capacity for analysis and synthesis, to adopt global perspectives and to apply the knowledge acquired/capacity to take decisions and adapt to new situations).


Ability to work in a team (capacity to collaborate with others and contribute to a common project/capacity to work in cross-disciplinary and multicultural teams).


Creative and entrepreneurial skills (capacity to conceive, design and manage projects/capacity to research and integrate new knowledge and approaches).


Ability to conduct a contrastive analysis of English and mother tongues.

Learning objectives


Referring to knowledge

— Know one of the sectors that offer a professional opportunity after the degree.


Referring to abilities, skills

— Apply the knowledge and skills acquired during the degree to a work environment.


Referring to attitudes, values and norms

— Show an involvement, assume responsibilities and be able to join a professional team.



Teaching blocks




Teaching methods and general organization


The organisation of the subject Institutional or Company Placement requires a different attitude and schedule from the student in comparison with other subjects:

1. The placement opportunities are published online for review in the UB platform GIPE (General Management of Institutional or Company Placements).

2. Students pre-enrol in the subject for the corresponding academic year and submit a preselection of positions they are interested in (a maximum of five).

3. Post allocation is done according to the student’s average grade in their academic transcripts, the prioritisation of positions they have submitted, and the number of positions offered for the student’s degree or path.

4. Students confirm the acceptance of the position and enrol in the subject Institutional or Company Placement by the established deadline.

Students can find all the information on this optional subject in the following website: Institutional or Company Placements.

There are three tutoring sessions between students and their academic tutors:

— An initial tutoring session to guide and inform students before they begin their placement in the assigned company or institution.

— A follow-up tutoring session to ensure the correct development of their placement practices.

— A final tutoring session where students assess orally their placement practices with the tutor. In this session, the placement report must be submitted and an assessment survey on the subject must be completed.



Official assessment of learning outcomes


Continuous assessment

The nature of the subject implies there is only a continuous assessment procedure. The assessment is based on the grades obtained in the following activities:

— The final report submitted by the assigned tutor in the company or institution where the placement is completed (40% of the final grade).

— The assessment of the academic tutor (60% of the final grade), based on the follow-up tutoring sessions and the placement report. The report should have a maximum of 10,000 characters of length and consists of a description of the centre where the placement took place, the assigned tasks and the profit students have made during their stay.